Our Story

We are Michael and Emily Koska and we decided that we wanted school to look different for our children and the children in the Fargo Moorhead area. We are so happy you’re here and interested in discovering more about our innovative learner driven school – Odyssey!

As parents with a school aged child, we could not help but to feel that something within the traditional school system was missing. Our son who is social, creative, and curious was slowly dreading going to school more and more every day.

He would tell us he is bored learning the the same things he already knew. Many evenings were spent struggling to finish homework and filling out busy paperwork, instead of focusing on time together as a family. We thought to ourselves, there must be more for our son and for our family. Children are meant to be active, to be curious, and to love learning!

Our search began looking for alternative forms of education. It did not take long before we realized sending him to private school would be no different because of all the similarities.

Many communities, including our own Fargo-Moorhead community, are lacking in innovative education approaches. We wanted a life-changing education where learners were inspired to be their best.

We stumbled upon Acton Academy and instantly fell in love with their learner driven school model. After a lot of careful thought and consideration, we decided to launch our own Acton Academy.

We chose the name Odyssey as we truly believe each learner in our school is on a hero’s journey to discover their calling and purpose in life. We are incredibly excited to bring Acton Academy to our community and eager to meet all the wonderful families who will be a part of our revolutionary school.